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What is CPA Network
Basically, it's a network of affiliate marketers who are working specifically together.

Cost-Per-Action Network is primarily focused on Cost-Per-Acquisition or Cost-Per-Action advertising. Though it has similarities with Affiliate Marketing, it's different in the sense that it focuses more on leads than sales. In other words, you don't necessarily need to make a sale in order to earn in CPA marketing. To earn on a CPA network, you just need to generate leads— such as by submitting an email address or phone number—to the network.

CPA networks allow users to earn commissions by just signing up and depositing. However, this has some drawbacks as CPA networks are friendlier towards fraudsters than affiliate marketers. As such, they're very strict with the approval of new members to join the network.

CPA Networks & Landing Page Stuff

CPA marketing consists of two components: the publisher and the advertiser. The network acts as the middleman that connects advertisers to publishers. For every lead generated from an affiliate, the advertiser pays a fixed amount to the network and keeps track of it with their various tracking tools, as well as solutions for payment processing.

Some types of networks are larger than others, have varying pricing models, or specialize in specific niches. Networks that specialize in niche markets can help you cross over into various niches and find offers for your brand. Some networks work with specific pricing models and others don't; some only work with smaller brands, and others work with popular brands or both.

You have the opportunity to go back and check all sorts of information. You'll also be able to access tools like tracking, links, and other relevant information. You'll find a list of offers and comparison tools, which will help you find the most lucrative ones to promote!
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Publishers are always looking for the following when it comes to advertising through affiliate networks: earnings per click (EPC) and payouts. These two metrics will help determine whether or not a specific offer is worth promoting, but some networks provide extra assistance to advertisers through affiliate managers. These managers will guide you through how best to utilize the network and answer any questions you may have.


When you sign up for a CPA network, it's important to find one that has an excellent reputation and maintains a good business relationship with its affiliates. When searching for networks, take time to do research on what the various networks have to offer. You'll then be able to find the right one that fits your needs.

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